Bios chip replacement Asus Z170-P D3

Hi to everyone
I have an Asus Z170-P D3 Motherboard and i found this bios chip to make the bios mod without to modify the content of the original bios chip. It’s compatible with my motherboard?

This is the original bios chip

bios chip asus z170-p d3.jpg

and this is the bios chip founded on ebay

1X W25q128fvssig W25Q128FVIQ 25Q128FVIQ 25Q128FVSG 128M-BIT DIP-8 BIOS CHIP

bios chip replacement.jpg

And this is the specification of the chip of the ebay seller.

specification of replacement bios chip.PNG

And this is the specification founded on winbond website

Thanks in advance