Bios downgrade Vostro 3668

I have tried to use QKYN ES ( it is like i7-7700 but 3,0 mhz) cpuid 506E8 on Vostro 3668 instead of G4560. Bios has a string with microcode for 506E8 revision 34 ( I have extracted - cpu506E8_plat22_ver00000034_2016-07-10_PRD_57D53E7A.bin), but MB does not start, just only amber light of power LED (Fans of case and CPU are in the biggest rotation) . Does it means that bios of Vostro 3668 is not support ES CPU? Is there any chance to use QKYN ES with Vostro 3668?
I got an advice from @DeathBringer - Try to downgrade BIOS version to 1.0.0. I have tried F12 and downgrade to ver. 1.0.0 with renaming bios file to BIOS_IMG.rcv, but got only message "bios upgrade is blocked due unsupported …".
I need a help to understand if it is possible or not : - 1. How can I downgrade bios to 1.0.0? - 2. is there possibility to use QKYN ES with Vostro 3668? Thanks in advance

This is a dump of bios 1.14 ver. (latest BIOS from Dell official site) . Could someone help to understand if support of ES QKYN cpuid 506E8 is blocked or not? Thanks in advance

yeah i checked this link i also need this latest BIOS from Dell official site beacuse my laptop BIOS not work properly creating different problums thanks bro you are a best guy