Bios emulator

Hi there again;i do not know how, i do know, but maybe i was thinking about a nice girl,i modifies a field in ami modded bios for a laptop N56VZ.
I was able to restore it with a usb fat 32 and renamed the original asus bios like AMIBOOT.ROM pressing CTRL+HOME around 20 days ago.
Yesterday as i said early i messed up with the bios configuratio, and now i got a black screen.I took out the csmos battery but i’m not able to restore the laptop.Does anyone of you guys give me the indications how to move inside the bios and change the VGA parameters from others to WIN7 ,cause that was the one parameters that fail a normal boot.I can see the hard disk led blinking normally so hardware talking seems working ok
I hope to been clear about my request.