Bios Feature Unlock Request Asrock x570 pro4

Good Saturday folks,

I have the Asrock x570 pro4 Mainboard , with the latest Bios. i treid too link it but new users are not allowed to link …

some Settings are Unaccessible, with Amibcp it doesnt save anything after changing values to USER.
With Efi shell i get an Error, Cant change Value in Efi shell or something like that. some works some dont with efi shell.

But Important settings like hpet or power saving features cant be disabled either with amibcp or efi shell

I really want the hpet to be unlocked cuz it adds input lag.

There is even a chipset power saving feature i dont get rid of…

I have a few Pictures from IFR Extractor from settings i need to be unlocked, i will upload them later that day

sorry for my bad english iam not a native speaker

I hope someone can help me with this

greetz Capsen

p.s i just made an account here because i dont know what i can try anymore with my knowledge of modding