bios hp F.2A Rev.A

hello someone could help me unlock my bios F.2A Rev.A hp g4 pavilion 2072la

I need it to disable hypermemory technology from a laptop…p77491.exe…el/5282698

@sagael - That BIOS is RSA Signed, can’t be modified I think. Do you have flash programmer (Hardware, like CH341A)?

with that I can change the BIOS directly from the chip?

@sagael - possibly, but only with that can you safely test flashing a mod BIOS, so you can recover in case it bricks due to RSA broken signature. Unless you happen to know for sure recovery method for your system
You need CH341A and SOIC8 test clip cable, both around $2.50 each on ebay

with this I can erase the BIOS directly and write a new one of another company that has its data base the same components gpu, cpu, etc?

Yes, if it same motherboard BIOS. “Another company” what do you mean there, company like business entity, if yes then that’s same BIOS but with company logo image changed in BIOS is all.
If you mean can you flash Asus BIOS into HP board, possibly, if it’s same board exactly, same chipset, same layout etc (Exactly) but often there is missing components in these OEM type cases where you find a normal board that is similar.

Make sure you get verified and valid backup before you do anything, open it in hex editor and make sure it’s not all FF or 00 and that it opens in BIOS tools properly and looks similar to stock BIOS.
If you are unsure upload and I will check, you need to make sure of this before you write anything, that way if it fails then you can recover to other BIOS backup/