Bios/intel (me) recovery Hp probook 470 g3

while I was updating my bios from beta to the latetest it did not come to a boot screen anymore, it was goning on and of for at least a half hour.

Now I like to flash a new bios with my programmer but on the hp download site is only the bios part but not the intel ME part.
because winddow with b key etc does not work at all.

How to construct a complete bios file ?
the orginal intel me was
the orginal bios file should be 1.17 (

Some info about the file

Intel Image
Offset: 0h
Full size: 1000000h (16777216)
Flash chips: 1
Regions: 1
Masters: 3
PCH straps: 66
PROC straps: 3
Memory address: FF000000h
Compressed: No
Fixed: Yes

Offset: 0h
Full size: 1000h (4096)
GbE region offset: 1000h
ME region offset: 3000h
BIOS region offset: 700000h
Region access settings:
BIOS access table:
Read Write
Desc Yes Yes
BIOS Yes Yes
ME Yes Yes
GbE Yes Yes
PDR Yes Yes
EC Yes Yes
Flash chips in VSCC table:
EF4018 (Winbond W25Q128)
C84018 (GigaDevice GD25x128)
Memory address: FF000000h
Compressed: No
Fixed: Yes

Offset: 1000h
Full size: 2000h (8192)
MAC: 88:88:88:88:87:88
Version: 0.13
Memory address: FF001000h
Compressed: No
Fixed: Yes

Offset: 3000h
Full size: 6FD000h (7327744)
Memory address: FF003000h
Compressed: No
Fixed: Yes

Offset: 700000h
Full size: 900000h (9437184)
Memory address: FF700000h
Compressed: No
Fixed: Yes

I have extracted the parts with UEFITool NE alpha 40, version v0.21.5 did not reconised some parts of the bios.

Do you have a backup of your old SPI image? Do you have a backup of the current SPI image (dumped via the programmer)? Compress and attach any of the previous files. Do you also have a MEInfo report from that system?

Hi Plutomaniac

thanks for reply, has been a while :slight_smile:

I have a dump that is "corrupted" but not before I choose to update, commiting I was plan to do it later. No meiinfo report.


Thank you for the dump. Why is that dump corrupt? What was wrong with it? This is not a ME issue though as the problem occurred while updating the BIOS. You mentioned beta BIOS, is that system pre-production or similar? If yes, it may be that updating from beta to PV BIOS was not accounted for by HP and some things are incompatible. As for SPI image reconstruction, the instructions I gave in the past still apply completely. And since it’s HP, you’ll certainly have to deal again with all their system-specific BIOS/ME provisioning as you figured out at the previous thread.

because it won’t boot anymore, blank screen. and yes I supose it is pre-production bios. A week a go I had the same issue with a 455 g3 and that was solved by a new ( fresh bios )
Therefore I like to try the same on this one but i have to add the fresh bios into the excisting one, as you just told me the spi is OK.

I will read the link again, maybe it is now clear what to do.


Well I don’t think there is a problem at the ME or FD regions so that leaves only BIOS. You can take your dump and just replace the BIOS region with the one provided by HP via UEFITool for example. Then flash the SPI image back via the programmer and remove all AC/battery power for 1 minute or so for good measure. I suppose at the next boot you’ll need to provision the BIOS/ME with those HP tools, provided that it even boots of course.

ok, with what version ? there the 0.21.5 gives a warning about :

parseVolume: unknown file system FFF12B8D-7696-4C8B-A985-2747075B4F50
parseFile: non-empty pad-file contents will be destroyed after volume modifications
parseFile: non-empty pad-file contents will be destroyed after volume modifications

or can I ignore this because it is the whole bios region?

You can ignore these.

oh yes she is alive, did what you say with the oldest bios, had some verify errors so did it 3 times. booted fine, thank god I had the brand data saved on usb stick. then die a commit of it. Then Update to latest version some beeps and reboots, now running fine. Did choose the oldest one because the up to the newest on could maybe update some components. (via the normal update way)


That’s perfect, you’re getting good at this with so many HP systems. Since personally I have neither the time nor the hands-on experience to do that, if you ever want to write a guide on how to restore an HP SPI + BIOS/ME provisioning then I’m certain it would benefit others as well. The choice is yours, there is absolutely no problem if you decide it’s beyond your interest.

Can you do me a small favor and run MEInfo -verbose? I suppose you are at 1131? What version do you see at Chipset/PCH? Is it 21?

yes it is !. But I guess luck has also to do with it. I sometimes look here if I can help with some but not occur very often, but I will keep it in mind, sticky thread would be fun tho. First I like to learn more about the structure of the rom, to build or combine one when needed.

Just checked it this morning, I did a ME update from the hp site yesterday, PCH Version 20
I hoped it had vpro/amt but there was not a option to enable vpro in the commiting, cpu has vpro this time :). descriptor is still unlocked btw

thanks for helping me out.
(you may tag me if you think I can help someone btw)

MEBx Version found is
MEBx Version
GbE Version 1.3
Vendor ID 0
PCH Version 20
FW Version LP
LMS Version Not Available
MEI Driver Version
Wireless Hardware Version Not Available
Wireless Driver Version Not Available

FW Capabilities 0x31101A40

should be on sp75225.exe

Interesting. You have PCH Version 20, which means C0. All Production PCH-LP systems I’ve seen of that generation have PCH Version 21 (C1). So that system does indeed have Production PCH but an older stepping which was revised before official launch.

MEInfo should be reporting a “FW Version”, not as you posted. Does MEManuf complete successfully? Make sure you’ve done a “fptw -greset” now that you reflashed the SPI chip.

cool info, yes could be.
Yes I guess something is wrong with it, can’t flash it again because can’t read version, according to the dump is it
yes I did greset.
oh gets a read error on ptt

Now that you have the latest BIOS successfully applied, I suggest you clean the ME region and then reflash/provision again. Use HP’s firmware which can be found at sp78366 (also offered at your own model’s download page). Obviously keep a SPI backup of your current working configuration just in case.