BIOS microcode for Acer Predator Helios 500 PH517-61 (Ryzen 2700 and Vega 56)?

Hi guys… I was wondering if someone may have looked into the possibility of integrating latest AGESA microcode for PH517-61 laptop?
Its a desktop replacement with B450 mobo, and Ryzen 2700 and Vega 56.

Would it be possible to integrate support for Zen 2, and of course upcoming Zen 3 into the BIOS?


Same… Also trying to find anyone capable of doing this successfully without bricking my “beast”…

Also, I’m aware of the whole 16MB ROM issue AMD said is a reason for them not being capable of updating the B450 motherboards. I would at the very least like to find out if a microcode update at least adding Zen 2 support would be possible if this issue would make it extremely difficult to include Zen 3 compatibility. If it’s possible to remove the original Zen microcode to make the necessary room, I highly doubt any other PH517-61 owners would be upset. If the update requires the removal of the Zen+ microcode in the end, I still will be on board 100% as I will then just save the bios until I am completely ready to upgrade to either a Zen 2 or 3 CPU.

Current owners that don’t plan to upgrade are still interested due to the improvements in RAM timing and speeds and other little adjustments AMD made that increase the performance on the installed Zen+ platform alone. I plan to keep my 2700 for a bit and, IF this upgrade is eventually unlocked, upgrade to at least Zen 2 when the 3700X is around $200, and the same for the (very likely) future 5700X.

I think this unit can easily handle even a 105W TDP CPU such as 3900x and possibly 3950x (the Zen 3 105W TDP parts might be running hotter despite the same TDP, but overall, I do think it might be worth trying to install even a 5900x).
The temperatures in the unit are currently very low, and an increase in total CPU power consumption would likely be something the thing can handle (considering the fact it can already take a 105W TDP part like 2700x and cool it without problems).

But yes, we definitely need newest AGESA because Acer made a bit of a mess of things in the unit with RAM speed and timings.
For one thing, if you populate all 4 RAM slots in the unit, the RAM speed will drop to 2400MhZ or 2133MhZ… despite having high speed RAM in the unit.
I already wrote to Acer on Twitter about this and they said they will ‘look into it’, but alas I received no word yet since sending the original tweet (which was about 6 months ago).