bios mod request

Hello Guys Can someone mod my bios please Asus B85m-e xeon 1231v3 enabling multicore enhancement (MCE)…

@DarknessTitan :
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Do you really think, that we have written all the Guides about how to modify a BIOS with the intention to do the modification ourselve?
Please have a look into the related Guides and try it yourself (the flashing of a modded BIOS is risky, but not the modification itself).
If you should run into problems or are unsure regarding your modding result, you can post your request into the matching thread.

Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

@DarknessTitan - If you can’t figure it out let me know. No flashback on this model for flashing mod BIOS, so you’ll have to use FPT (Dump, then mod, then flash back) or find one of the other alternative methods for Asus that will work for your board.

If using FPT method, you will have to disable BIOS lock first before you can reflash your modified FPT BIOS region dump
Here’s a guide to do that, you can start at step 6, I’ve done rest for you below - [GUIDE] Grub Fix Intel FPT Error 368 - BIOS Lock Asus/Other Mod BIOS Flash
You’re BIOS Lock variable >> 0x9E
Rename your .efi file to >> Shellx64.efi

Use AMIBCP 4.55, if changing MCE access level to User or Super does not enable the setting for you then you will need to edit setup module and unsuppress if via IFR output and hex editor (Change 46 to 47 right before the setting, in hex)
If AMIBCP edits alone do not get it, then do that setup edit by itself first and test, without any AMIBCP changes and test, then if still nothing redo the AMIBCP edits on top of the setup edits.
Sometimes AMIBCP edit not needed along with setup edit, sometimes it will cancel it out, and other times it’s required so you have to try multiple ways sometimes.