Bios Mod to enable PCIE bifurcation?

Hi Folks,

So over last couple of days I’ve been looking out for ways to bifurcate the single x16 slot on my z87 based ITX mobo into 2 x8 channels (via risers).

I looked around the interwebs and it seems like while my board/chipset (ASRock Z87E-ITX) does support the feature, it is disabled via BIOS.

Some more looking around the Internet revealed that there exist several pre-modified BIOS’s with that option enabled [H]ardforum, however folks out there don’t seem to be very willing to share the BIOS.

ASRock support said they didn’t have such a file, so I figured that smart folks out here might have a solution.

Do you guys know how to modify an ASRock bios to enable such a feature?


EDIT: So just got a BIOS from a fine lady/gentleman over at the other forum, now is there a way I could “diff” the binaries or compare their hex’s and figure out a way to enable the bifurcation on other non-enabled BIOS’s (assuming chipset support is already present) ?


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Dieter (alias Fernando)

If the option is simply hidden from BIOS setup, perhaps you can find tools to unhide the option.
Everything else I can think of would require reverse engineering, or writing a utility that doesn’t really exist yet :frowning:

Wonder if you guys found a solution to enable bifurcation via bios mod? I have actually found a setting in Ami BcpEdit and the X99a MSI Godlike Bios that looks interesting. Under the IntelRCSetup menu there is a IIO0-3 IOU2 4x4 bifurcation option. I tried enabling it with no harm to my system but could not test wether it would be successful until I can buy a dual pcie slot riser card. The big question is wether you need hardware support on the motherboard or just bios support? Thanks