Bios mod to support NvME in Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD5

Hi to all. I´m trying to put a Samsung NvME m.2 in the Pcie 16x slot of my motherboard Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD5 with Windows 10, but I´m not sure it could works. In the forum there is nothing about this one. Could you help me? Thanks in advance and sorry for my poor english.

I cant believe that this forum has nothing that can help you… lazy user maybe humm?

How about this is the front page of the forum?

I´m reading a lot. Thanks.

Hello. I have read all the information of the procedure written by Fernando and before continuing I would like to know, if anyone knew, if it is possible to have a bootable NVME disk in the bios of this board. Thank you very much for your work for the community.

Usually its a mod that works on this motherboards/chipsets generations.
Now, the kind of answer that you want, only from a user with the exact motherboard model and same mod. As you can see in a forum tool search box results, there’s plenty of GA-Z68XP reports…

Search results for ‘Z68XP’ - Win-Raid Forum (

Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum!
Only mainboards with an UEFI BIOS are able to boot off any NVMe SSD, provided, that the BIOS contains the required NVMe EFI module (either natively or via BIOS modification).
AFAIK Gigabyte doesn’t offer an UEFI BIOS for the mainboard GA-Z68XP-UD5. I have looked into the latest BIOS F6 and couldn’t find any DXE Driver Volume.
The only chance for you to boot off an NVMe SSD is to buy a Samsung 950 Pro. This SSD contains natively an NVMe Option ROM, which is required to boot off an NVMe in Legacy mode.
So a BIOS modification doesn’t make any sense for your mainboard.
Another option for you is to ask the Gigabyte Support for an UEFI BIOS for the GA-Z68XP-UD5.
Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

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There is a UEFI beta U1a (Also an F7a that cant remember if already UEFI), those so called “Hybrid” from AWARD to AMI EFI, from Stasio on TT forum.
I didnt mentioned… neither i asked this user if he knows of it, but yes your guide can be applied to this bios, ive done it in the past… but not very stable on these generation bios transitions. User choice…

GIGABYTE Latest Beta BIOS (PREVIOUS) - TweakTown Forums

GIGABYTE Latest Beta BIOS (LAST ones) - TweakTown Forums


Thanks for your help Dieter. I wrote today to Gigabyte to ask for the solution for UEFI Bios (knock on wood)
Meanwhile I am looking for a Samsung 950 pro disk but it is almost impossible to find it, neither new nor used.
Are the 970 pro or 980 pro versions of Samsung also valid or only the 950 pro?
Many thanks.

what do you mean with valid?

I mean that those SSD contains natively an NVMe Option ROM, which is required to boot off an NVMe in Legacy mode. Thanks

The only Samsung NVMe SSD, which has an NVMe Option ROM in-the-box and is able to boot in LEGACY mode, is the 950 Pro.
Nevertheless you may be able to boot off another Samsung NVMe model in LEGACY mode, but in this case you have to insert a matching modded NVMe Option ROM into the mainboard BIOS. For details please look into >this< thread.

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I´m trying this method. I download the .U1a version of my motherboard and in Q-Flash it send the message “Bios ID check error”.
Now I download the .F7a version and I dont try again to flash, because I`m not sure whats the difference between .U1a version and .F7a version of bios for my motherboard. Could you help me? Thanks in advance.

here try to run this autorun.bat

Z68XPUD5 NVMe Mod.rar (2.7 MB)

DO NOT flash the file mod provided by that user… yet, after that its user choice.
You should be a little more careful as NOT all users in a forum have the correct knowledge
PAY ATTENTION to what your doing and Gigabyte notes, in this case there is none in the official page product but we always try to get past users knowledge and tips around the web… if the file was to use by Q-Flash, they didn’t needed to provide such utility…

The U1a bios file update needs to use the provided utility EFIFLASH in order to correctly do the transition of the system Legacy AWARD bios to UEFI AMI bios generation, ONLY AFTER this you can apply mods based on the correctly flashed U1a.


The F7a bios file is also Legacy bios and again beta.

Thanks MeatWar. From everything I’ve read I know that I have to be especially careful with the flashing process. Thanks.
That’s why I don’t understand why I get the message of “Bios ID check error” when in QFlash, i try to update to .U1a
Dou you know if i need first update to F7a and later to U1a?

Note: lot of programs and pages i read to do the process are discontinued or obsolete

Seems my English is not readable here…
Didn’t i just told you that the transition from a legacy to an UEFI bios must be done with the tool inside the U1a zipped file?
Wherever in F6 or F7a… so why still surprised with Q-Flash error? The error is correct.

And a FINAL note, this process from Legacy to UEFI, is a permanent move, you cant never go back to Legacy bios again by user known methods.

EDIT: Im not also an English user native language…

EDIT: UEFI Bios for GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 “Bios Checksumm Error” (

FLASHEFI Z68XPUD5.U1A (This line is incorrect inside the BAT file, so correct it or use CMD provided, further help on the link provided and “Google” is your friend… a search engine, ring a bell?
I have very few patience with users that cant use their brain…

DO NOT TAKE OUT THE USB drive, leave it plugged for 3-4 reboots at least.

Sorry, I don’t mean to bother you, sorry. The problem with the language is mine, don’t worry and thank you very much for taking the trouble to help me. Thanks.

Finally I could do the FLASHEFI Z68XPUD5.U1A starting in DOS with the tool inside the U1a zipped file.
Thanks for your patiente.

dont forget to do ALT + F10 to flash the backup bios to uefi ones

then you could try to flash the bios i’ve made, since you got your 2nd bios updated (after Alt + F10), when corruption happens you could just power off the system, press and hold power and reset for 11 seconds, release and power up normally, backup bios would kick up soon after.