BIOS Modding/Flashing for AMD Ryzen?

Has anyone covered BIOS Modding/Flashing for the newer AMD Ryzen? - It seems most of the content is either for Intel, or the older AMD platforms?

I just ordered the eprom flasher TL866II Plus for 60 Euro.
It has a devicelist, where also all the 1.8V Bios chips from AMD boards are in,

I can mod AMD BIOS for you @infuscomus - flashing sometimes can be a pain, trying to find correct AFU dance to do if stock flashing methods don’t work. What board are you working with now?


My board is an asrock AB350 Gaming K4

@infuscomus - method outlined for Asrock here does not work for you with mod BIOS (UBU Method)?
[Guide] How to flash a modded AMI UEFI BIOS

If not, what about this method, download the files package here so you can get that AFU, then pay attention only to the “Flashing” spoiler (Mainly, flash stock BIOS with that AFU, then without reboot flash mod BIOS)…r-motherboards/

I’ll send you PM too

On modifications, that’s easy, standard UEFITool extract files and work on them via hex (AMITSE) or hex/IFR (Setup), modifications can also be done via AMIBCP, UBU, MMTool etc.


I tried earlier, I got a "Security Flash check" error - should I try UBU Tool again?

If I want to make a proper backup of my BIOS, should I get an EPROM Flash kit to dump it?


Be very careful with the Bios chip 25Q128FW… on a lot of newer AMD boards.
I prove, that I really kill 2 of 3 of them with different Epromer tools, brrr…

After producing a lot of Bios Chips with errors, I succeed with the Epromer tl866ii plus for the 25Q128FW
chip. It works correct only at USB 2.0 port. I erased the chip several times, fill with random numbers, with 00 everywhere,
erase again and program. This time it works without any errors but only when the chip is direct connected
to the Epromer (no cable(!)),

PS: No other Epromer works for me for this chip.
Before, on 3.3 Volt Bios chips I program them more than 100 times,
but also sometimes with errors via cable. So, always make some copies of outreaded Bios file and compare them
with each other with Winhex.


I’m still waiting on the flash kit,
Can any of the tools you mentioned make a dump of my existing BIOS for backup?

infuscomus - tried what earlier? Referring to your post #6, I assume you tried to flash a BIOS, but how and with what method?

You can dump BIOS with Universal BIOS backup toolkit. You cannot move the window and it may set off virus alert, ignore or disable before you download. Press read, then once it’s done press backup.…up_toolkit.html

AFUWinGUI, whatever version will run on your system, will also make a backup. You can get latest version to test first from the AMI website -…

@diderius6 - BIOS ID 25Q128FW may need to be programmed, with ASProgrammer 1.40, Same probably applies to backups as well, if it’s anything like W25Q128FV/BV with regular CH341A software.
I only know I tested W25Q128FV and found you need to use ASProgrammer to get a proper write. I know, that is 3.3V chip and 1.65-1.8V chip, big difference, but just dropping that there in case anyone has issues later with W25Q128 and find this thread


I have a backup now

When replacing the DSDT table with UBUTool - do I need to replace XSDT/RSDT too? or is that not nessessary?

Good you have backup now! Sorry, I have no experience with any of what you mentioned, and I’ve never seen that being mentioned as something UBU does either, so be sure you’ve fully absorbed whatever mod method/guide you are reading.


If UBUTool isn’t the right tool for this, what tools would you recommend I use for BIOS modification?

I only meant UBU isn’t the right tool to use for what you asked about (DSDT table / replace XSDT/RSDT). As I mentioned, I do not know about those modifications, so I can’t suggest any tools to you for that.
Possibly, general AMI BIOS working tools such as MMTool and UEFITool to extract whatever modules you modify for those things, that’s what I would use, but again I don’t know about doing those mods so can’t be specific other than this is not a UBU tool mod thing.


Have you ever replaced a DSDT table before?

No, sorry, that’s what I’ve been trying to say in post 12+14, I’ve not done any of what you mention there but I know UBU is not used for such things, it’s made for replacing CPU microcodes, and BIOS modules such as option roms like SATA rom, LAN Rom etc.

I get a new board Asrock fatal1ty ab350 gaming k4.
But now, there is another Bios chip on it with name
25u12873f I think also 1.8 Volt, may be less(!).
This chip is even worse, not identified by any eprommer, brrr…
I take a look at Macronix chips,
and there I find, it should be something
like mx25u12835f
with chip ID 0xc22538.

I succeed with to read out this chip with eprommer tl866ii plus as "mx25u12835f" .
Then I compare DSDT from Winbond chip 25q128FW with this chip,
and I found only 1 difference :

Name (FHPP, Zero) in Winbond
Name (FHPP, One) in Macronix


@diderius6 Yes, MX25U12873F is 1.8v BIOS -…8Mb,%20v1.2.pdf

So if your programmer does not support 1.8v, then you need adapter. Try ASProgrammer software if you can use that with your programmer, if not pickup $2.50 CH341A

I also have a MSI b350 with a mx25u12873f and all i can find for my ch341a program is for 1.8v MX25U12835F. Would it be possible for me and use that setting to flash it? I also found the mx25u12873f option in Asprogrammer but there is no guides on how to flash with it yet.

@Kirj -
For MX25U12835F use ASProgrammer 1.41 and MX25U12835F ID
For MX25U12873F use one in folder of package below named >> CH341A v1.31(1.4) (CH341AFree) >> And, see also, this post about version/method, see end of post #126, (DO do the erase, he already did is why he skipped) -…5&postcount=126
Choose correct size and type first