Bios Modification Request For MSI X99A Godlike Gaming Carbon

Good day everyone Fernando :slight_smile:

I wanted to request a bios mod for the MSI X99A Godlike Gaming Carbon.
If possible with latest oproms, microcode and latest ME firmware integrated into the image.
Also I wanted all hidded settings unlocked to be seen in bios. Specifically making PCIE resizable bar being shown in bios. I looked and it is there and can be shown in the bios. Want to do testing. :slight_smile:
Also updated NVME oroms. I have issues with my black 750 m.2 not being detected on reboot. It will usually detect on cold boot but can be lost on reboot. Updating the NVME rom should hopefully alleviate the issue.
As well if possible Bifurication enabled on last 8x slot to 4x 4x to share with m.2. (If unsure please upload 2 different bios one with everything modded and no bifurication and one with everything modded and bifurication would be appreciated)

I7 6850k
GTX 1080 ti 16x
GTX 1080 ti 16x
LSI 3941 8i 8x (want 4x)
Black 750 M.2 motherboard sata mode (want 4x)

If there is anything else that can be added or tweaked for performance please do so especially for bypassing 4.7ghz barrier or 4ghz uncore barrier under extreme cooling. Thank you for you time everyone and cheers!!…ARBON#down-bios


X99A GODLIKE GAMING CARBON based on 7883v281(Beta version) dated 2019-06-25
beta bioses are a mess,too many pcie lines i cant possibly know which one is the one you want,therefore modules and microcodes are updated and left it there
Also, recommended to update your management engine firmware;
Intel (Converged Security) Management Engine: Drivers, Firmware and Tools

As rule of thumb,keep your OS,apps,bios and drivers updated

Hey Good day onuraccengiz!

I tried to flash the me version to the latest.
What I did was took the latest version from this site opened it in a hex editor vs my own me dumped with uefi tool.
I added the needed padding to match my me then replaced as is with uefi tool.
I then took that image and flashed it on my board and it seemed to work replacing the me firmware with the newest version.
I checked with meinfo if it was working and says it is.
Is this a proper way to be flashing the me firmware?
From what im reading its not exactly right or the me might not be working properly.

I havent flashed your bios yet. I was wondering what modules did you manage to upgrade?
Thanks for helping me out.