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I’ve a ASUS eeeBox B202 (ich7, intel 945gme) and i changed HD with a new SSD but in the bios there isn’t AHCI option… How can I mod the bios to insert AHCI functionality?


@ ginelloginello:
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You are right: There is neither an Intel RAID OROM nor an Intel AHCI OROM within the latest BIOS for your system. I just have checked it. Your ASUS eeeBox obviously has an Intel ICH7 SATA Controller (without an “R” or “M” behind the “ICH7”). That means, that the on-board Intel SATA Controller doesn’t support RAID at all and natively not even AHCI.

Since the BIOS doesn’t contain any Intel RAID/AHCI ROM module, I don’t see any chance to get AHCI working with your system. I doubt, that the insertion of any Intel RAID or AHCI ROM module will switch the Intel ICH7 SATA Controller to an Intel ICH7(R) SATA AHCI Controller.
I am sorry, but I cannot help you in this case.