BIOS of Biostar TB250-btc and TB250-btc pro for cpu QL2X and QL3X(Kabylake ES A0 stepping)

Please help me
I bought QL2X and QL3X with Request BIOS of Biostar TB250-btc and TB250-btc pro but the seller didn’t give me the bios.

200 series chipsets don’t support ES CPU with Kaby Lake core.

i saw this video on youtube

the bios modified by dsanke

@dsanke - Can you provide the BIOS user mentions/links above, thanks
Or, if we just need to add microcodes, we can do if you let us know

Thank you so much

@joss7mae - You’re welcome! Yes, if dsanke made BIOS for either of those models and Kaby CPU, he is member here so he will reply soon when he gets in

no response from him

@joss7mae _ Yes, sorry to see this! He’s been here too, and replied to me several times in another thread I tagged him in as well. Maybe just busy, so no time to reply yet?
Or maybe, if he did make those BIOS, maybe he does not want to post them in public? Try sending him a PM and see if he replies, here is his profile - u13084_dsanke.html

Did he answer you?

@gabrielmrov - Sorry, no, he never replied Maybe it’s a secret he does not want to share, or can’t share due to NDA etc?
@dsanke - Can you not share?

@Lost_N_BIOS Thank you.…iew?usp=sharing
@joss7mae @gabrielmrov @Lost_N_BIOS

I signed up to give my heartfelt thanks. Thanks to all, Greetings from Brazil