BIOS of the GA-Z87X-UD3H mainboard doesn't show NVMe SSD

I have a Gigabyte z87x-ud3h-cf

I have installed a modded bios I can see my VANTEC UGT-M2PC200 ADP - Vantec M.2 NVMe + M.2 SATA SSD PCIe X4 Adapter as some sas adapter
but I cannot see my

I have tried to install windows on the drive but I get a error where it says that the Bios can not boot from it some help please?

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@trr1986 - Move the drive you want to boot from or install to, to the first drive listed in BBS drive properties. Drive will need to be formatted to GPT, and if you have not already you probably need to do the NVME modification to that BIOS
[Guide] How to get full NVMe support for all Systems with an AMI UEFI BIOS

If you need BIOS mod done for you, please link the BIOS you are using, or give me the version number and I will get it and do the mod for you.

I am using this Modded Bios


this is how the the drive shows on my bios…iew?usp=sharing

@trr1986 - PATA SS is correct, that’s how it should show up, move that to the top of the list at BBS and hard disk boot priority. , please read guide and pay attention to step #4 (Installation of the OS onto the NVMe SSD:) do each part of that exactly and you will get installed.

“BIOS Features Page” Set at top “Boot Option Priorities” make PATA SS first one at top
Then go down to “Hard Drive BBS Properties” and make sure PATA SS is first on that list too (May need to do this first, before you can do above change)

I checked your BIOS, mod was done correctly for NVME, however, inserting that or the microcode edits was not done correctly. Two things I see as issues unrelated to your current problem.
1. Only one of the two microcode volumes has been updated, second one has been replicated with only first ones header/volume body (Incorrect modification there). Third one is correctly updated, to a single microcode. First one is correct, only header should be there, second should be exact copy of third one.
2. There is a missing pad-file - This usually always causes boot failure/bricked BIOS, but at least you are in BIOS now. This can be caused by either of the two edits mentioned here, hard to say without recreating the badly modified BIOS myself using the same steps/tools(Version) used initially

Overall, that’s a badly modified BIOS, I would redo everything if you made this BIOS yourself.
Or, I can do for you if you need, is that the only mods done there, update to single microcode 306C3 latest, and add NVME? If yes, I can redo for you properly if you want?

If you could do it for me please I don’t have the foggyst of what to do thank you in advance

The card I have takes a SATA drive and 2 M.2 drive ls

@trr1986 - Is that the only microcode you want in there, or do you want all original ones that were in there too (I will update all)
If you do what I mentioned above, about the BIOS, you can probably install to your NVME now, then later reflash correctly modified BIOS and reset the BIOS settings again.

if you can update all I would love it

this is what I get when I want to install windows now…iew?usp=sharing

@trr1986 - Follow all steps exactly in step #4 of the guide linked in post #2 above, do not skip anything mentioned. If you already did that, it could be the mod BIOS, but I think in regards to NVME it looks OK
Here is properly modified BIOS, all original microcodes remain, all are updated properly in both volumes, all original padding files in place as they should be + NVME mod
Flash using Qflash or from DOS with EFIFlash -…784484489451805

Sir you are an absolute scholar and a gentle man thank you for giving my computer a extended life

@trr1986 - Thank you, and you’re welcome too! So, did you get your system installed on NVME drive now too?

Yes thank you pc now boots in 4 seconds my old ssd drive was dieing on me and took uo to 4 min to boot so I got the NVME not realising that my system is that old it would not know it can boot off of it :sweat_smile:

Really!? 4 minutes to boot with SSD? I’ve never seen them die slow, only immediately dead or locked