[BIOS REQUEST] X99 A 3.1 & 5820k - AVX Offset?

I am currently on an early 2.XX version of my ASUS X99A 3.1 board. I see there are some fresh official BIOS versions available for download, but they don’t fulfill my wish either.

I would like to know if someone could/has implemented the AVX offset - option for Haswell-E 5XXX CPUs

Are there any unofficial possibilities/BIOSes that make this offset @ AVX heavy load possible?

@gogoAustria - I see hidden away in 3902 BIOS >> AVX2 Negative Offset "AVX2 Negative Offset applied by Pcode OC mailbox read(0x1A)/Write(0x1B)"

And within AI Tweaker main page (unsure if this is visible to you or not) - AVX Instruction Core Ratio Negative Offset
On Tweakers Paradise page >> Haswell-E SFR Adjust "Can enable for Haswell-E overclocking" << Disabled