Bios terramaster check

Hello everyone:

I am reviewing a Nas terramaster T2-220. This one has an intel celeron j1800 chip.
This one has a problem during boot that I think is due to the bios. I have extracted the bios A Windbond W25Q64FW.

Since I can’t find any dump for this device, I don’t know how to check the integrity of this bios.
Does anyone have any ideas?

T2-220… or F2-220

Files seems ok
BIOS Date: 08/16/2016 17:25:09 Ver: GBTM1208 version 5.6.5.

ME region offset: 1000h
BIOS region offset: 300000h
Region access settings:
GbE: FFh FFh
BIOS access table:
Read Write
Desc Yes Yes
BIOS Yes Yes
ME Yes Yes
GbE Yes Yes
PDR Yes Yes
Flash chips in VSCC table:
C22016 (Macronix MX25U16)
EF4016 (Winbond W25Q32)
EF3016 (Winbond W25X32)
EF6017 (Winbond W25Q64)
202016 (Micron M25P32)
EF4017 (Winbond W25Q64)
1F4800 (Atmel AT25DF641)

EDIT: I didnt saw relevant problem on it and not loosing my time on this… your “problem during boot” is a bit naked. So in future try to be more specific as you can and the most accurate info on hardware, over_n_out.

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Thanks, MeatWar.

Could there be an internal problem?