BIOS Update fails on Medion P7818 - Flash BIOS with CH341A programmer - 25Q64FVSIG - Detection fails

i have a problem with a Medion Laptop P7818, a BIOS update fails (Black screen) and i turn off the laptop and now it is not starting anymore.
I think the BIOS is faulty now and i need to reflash it again. I bought a CH341A programmer and wanted to read the current BIOS chip and then maybe download a working BIOS file and flash it.
The problem is: The detection of the chip always fails. I used CH341A programmer v1.34, in v1.18 i can not choose my chip (25Q64FVSIG). I also tried ASProgrammer Software.
Settings: 25/26 SPI Flash Manu: WINBOND Name: W25Q64FV - (CH341A programmer v1.34)
Am i doing something wrong, i always get “Detection Fails, could not find the chip”. But one time, i think the first time or so the chip was detected but when i press read then it says “could not find the chip” again. After that there was no further detections successfully.
Also many of the software comes with Virus/ Adware when I checked it in VirusTotal?

Anyway maybe someone can help me. I removed the BIOS Batterie and remove battery and charger, correct?

2021-03-08 14.44.19.jpg

Thanks for your help, and sorry for my english.
Best regards

Normally it’s the clip position. Asprogrammer 1.41 should work.