BIOS Version for Asus R7 265

Friends looking for the BIOS version of this video card for “r7265-DC2-2GD5”. I found Techpowerup, but it’s not working. GPU - Z also gives no information about the BIOS. If you are using this card, can you install the replacement BIOS from GPU-Z. I’d really appreciate it. I offer my thanks.[[File:Ekran Al?nt?s?.PNG|left|auto]]


Ekran Al?nt?s?.PNG

@emird - Please show GPU-z image of your card, and dump it’s BIOS with GPU-z. Then I will find correct stock BIOS for you at TPU. What is the problem or issue?
Maybe this will help -…oc-2gd5.391122/

@Lost_N_BIOS Man, my card is normally called the R7 265, but the windows look like the HD 7800 Series. Also, the card’s VRAM is from 2 GB to 1.3 GB and shows nothing about the GPU-Z BIOS. There is also an interesting situation where the card sometimes gets better, so it shows the BIOS Post screen, Windows boot and GPU-Z BIOS information, and VRAM 2 GB! But after rebooting, we returned to what happened.

Ekran Al?nt?s?.PNG

@emird - I find these tables of cards where same/same, when they rebranded chipsets for cheap relaunch of same cards w/ new BIOS. So this may be why/how “windows” is detecting your card model wrong.

R9 280X aka 7970
R9 270X aka 7870
R7 260X aka 7790
R7 250 aka 7750

R9 280X aka 7970
R9 280 aka Radeon HD 7950
R8 275 aka Radeon HD 7870
R8 270 aka Radeon HD 7850
R7 260X, aka Radeon 7790
R7 250X aka Radeon 7770
R7 250 aka 7750

Crossfire -
R7 250e/250x with 7750/7700(i can be confusing the 250 with 250e)
R7 260/260x with hd 7790
R7 265/r9 270/270x with hd 7850/7870
R9 280/280x with hd 7950/7970
R9 285 with r9 285
R9 290/x with R9 290/x

"Windows" often gets graphics information wrong (Such as actual, dedicated, or shared memory), that is why I asked you specifically for image of GPU-z and a dump of your cards vBIOS from GPU-z.
I still do not see your issue, and you didn’t send me your vBIOS dump to check what your card is actually using. Please dump your stock vBIOS with GPU-z and upload here

@Lost_N_BIOS Dude, the BIOS on this card;
I threw a screenshot of the GPU-Z, did you check it? The GPU-Z says nothing about the BIOS.
GPU-Z screenshot;

@Lost_N_BIOS Sometimes something happens. I understand that the card was recovered when the BIOS started displaying images. In Windows, the card’s name appears as R7 265 and the VRAM size has been restored, but the same problems are restarting after you restart the computer.

Sorry, my English is a little weak.

@emird - Yes, I saw that GPU-z image before you posted, but didn’t know if it was yours or some other you grabbed as an example.
Thanks for vBIOS dump, I will check it tonight when I have more time. Is this the original vBIOS that was on the card when you got it, or have you updated it before? If you have updated it, please send me a copy of the original one too.

“card was recovered when the BIOS started displaying images” << I don’t understand what you mean by that

Please check in device manager, and send me screenshot of this >> Display adapter >> Properties >> Details Tab >> Hardware ID’s

The card does not have an original BIOS. I downloaded it from another site. When the motherboard logo appears, the card name is R7 265 series and VRAM is 2 GB instead of 1.3 GB. However, after rebooting, the motherboard’s logo does not appear, only appears on the welcome screen, and the card’s name is HD 7800 and VRAM 1.3 GB.

I can upload a video if you want.

@emird - Original BIOS means your dumped vBIOS from before you reflashed it, if you ever reflashed it. If you never flashed the vBIOS, then you already sent me the original vBIOS above
I guess not, I asked for you to dump it with GPU-z and send to me, but I only see now you never did this yet!

*** EDIT What do you mean you downloaded the vBIOS you sent me from another site? I told you to send me a dump from your actual card, made with GPU-z, why did you tell me it was a dump from your card?
I guess all the info below is now wrong, since this is not a dump from your actual card
*** If you want me to fix the current vBIOS on your card, send me that cards actual vBIOS dumped from GPU-z!!!
I suggest you do not use any of the vBIOS below, they may not be for your card. I can’t be sure, since you have not yet sent me your actual dumped vBIOS from your actual card, using GPU-z, please do this now!

What you describe about motherboard logo has to do with your motherboard BIOS, and UEFI/legacy booting options, fast boot, OS selection, legacy/EFI rom loading order etc (all motherboard BIOS settings).
The windows detection as 7800 may always happen, that’s what kind of card/chip it actually is, as I showed you above the table of all the new R7 cards are rebranded older 7xxx series cards only with new vBIOS and new heatsink/new sales etc (All same 7xxx cards though)

All info below here, regarding “Your vBIOS or your original vBIOS” is not valid, since you never sent me your your actual original dumped vBIOS from your card!!!

However, I found your vBIOS you sent is broken! Here’s my info below as I dug through everything, and fixed vBIOS for you at the end

This is your exact vBIOS ( already uploaded at techpowerup, however this one has complete BIOS image (legacy and UEFI) ie = not broken like your vBIOS dump is


I believe yours is broken, and somehow lost UEFI part of it’s vBIOS? It doesn’t look broken, opens in apps that can handle these, but only shows legacy vBIOS image, which you can tell in GPU-z too due to UEFI box is unchecked.
This also probably why it’s messing up on you, and why BIOS version isn’t shown in GPU-z too. Notice on the left, legacy image is missing compared to on left of image above.


I see the problem now with your original vBIOS dump, as mentioned something was broken!
After I update your original vBIOS to newer GOP I see in errors it fixed something (Fixing Last-Image-Bit in legacy PCI Rom), and then on updated file you can now see both legacy and UEFI images shown in vBIOS info


So if you want to flash one, the one above from TPU is the exact match, but there is newer versions posted (

Any of these, I can update the GOP/UEFI image to latest version for you too (Suggested) Actually, here, I updated both the old/same version you had already but one from TPU, and the newest version available too.
Either will work for your card, I would use the new latest version if it was my card. Or, if you want, I also included your original vBIOS (OG-updated image - r7265bios_updGOP.rom file), with updated GOP/UEFI version and fixed legacy image.




I can’t get into the BIOS because of this card!

And try this;

@emird - thanks for the explanation, now I understand a little better. You should still be able to get a dump from this card, and we need to do that if you want the original vBIOS fixed. Connect the card as a secondary card, not the main display card, use some other card or onboard as the main GFX.
And, getting into the motherboard BIOS has nothing to do with being able to send me a GPU-z dump from this card, you can do it from DOS too if you wanted, using ATIFlash, just connect this card as secondary if it’s not bootable to DOS
Legacy image is missing/broken, so you may need to set BIOS to UEFI mode with another card first as main anyway. But, due to the broken legacy stuff, that may make it all fail, so you might not be able to boot to DOS, but you should be able to boot to windows or DOS no matter what, if this card is not the main display card.

If you do not care about the original vBIOS or fixing it etc, use the vBIOS I provided above, either “Latest Updated” or TPU/Older updated, I wouldn’t even waste my time with that “Original Fixed” one, since it’s not even your original actual vBIOS

What do you mean “Try This” I don’t have this card, what do you want me to do or try?

So, check this BIOS file. I wrote the VBIOS connection above, but nothing has changed. Look, man, you want the original BIOS, but the GPU-Z won’t let me get a backup BIOS because it can’t read BIOS information! I’d better upload a video about it tomorrow.

@Lost_N_BIOS Dude, I just started the computer and the BIOS POST screen appeared! Now every time I start, it seems healed, and now it shows the whole image until I open the windows. Card now R7 265 VRam 2 GB! GPU - Z also shows information about the BIOS! Thank you very much I appreciate you :slight_smile:


@emird - For original vBIOS from card, if you can’t dump with GPU-z, then you dump the vBIOS from AITFlash in DOS. I know it’s too late now, but so you know, this is possible way to do it too instead of flash in DOS, make a backup (Which you should always do first anyway)
Or really, none of that matters, if you are sure you gave me the correct vBIOS initially, then all BIOS I updated and upload above are compatible with your card, I suggest using the latest version I uploaded and updated for you (

Post screen has more to do with motherboard BIOS settings (Fast boot enabled or not, UEFI Boot, secure boot etc). Same for “Can’t get into motherboard BIOS” this is due to motherboard BIOS settings not the vBIOS on the graphics card (Fast Boot setting), clear CMOS and then enter BIOS.
Much of that has nothing to do with vBIOS, other than if motherboard BIOS is set to UEFI for GFX rom loading and fast boot enabled (Then no post screen usually)

I tried to check the vBIOS from post #10 to give you it’s info, but “Upload does not exist” I suggest you use the updated I sent you (latest from TPU - updated)
I see you got the old version working now in your GPU-z image above, great! Go ahead and update to latest, it may have fixes and improvements that help it run more stable.

The motherboard is not UEFI. When the motherboard logo does not appear on the screen, the “HD 7800 series” and the VRAM drops 1.3 GB. However, when the motherboard’s logo and boot screen appear, the card’s name appears as “R7 265 series” and comes out of VRAM 2.0 GB. My problem is really interesting and I’m sure it’s a video card because I don’t have a problem when I try a different card.

@Lost_N_BIOS I updated. Everything’s working right now, no trouble.


@emird -Link me to your motherboard BIOS, so I can check to be sure it’s always set to legacy for video then, this way you don’t sometimes have that issue.
What did you update in your last image, just to that latest version updated vBIOS I mentioned?

@Lost_N_BIOS Yes, I’ve updated VBIOS.
Motherboard BIOS file;

You’re good to go, no settings like I was thinking in that BIOS that would affect your booting logos or POST Screen, other than full screen logo enable/disable

@Lost_N_BIOS It works smoothly, man. I’il get back to you in case of any problems. Thanks for everything.

Great, and you’re welcome! Stop back in any time if you need BIOS help

OK. I wish you a good day​:blush::hugs: