BIOSTAR TA770XE3 V6.3 with CPUmCODE & AHCI update

Base on official BIOS 78XBD225.BST. non-UEFI BIOS.

update CPU microCode for Athlon II
CPUID 00100F41 from 010000C6 to 010000DB

AHCI from V1.0.75 → V3.2.1.0, decrease detect-timing SATA HD.
Somehow, I update the CPU microCODE 00100FA0 from 010000BF to 010000DC.It seems must delete and insert patches files at same time open the ROM file.
And Realtek NET NIC ROM from 3.23 to 3.67.

Works fine with my X3 425 CPU and WD HD in windows 10.

BTW: This mainboard always set DDR3 voltage at V1.65, instead of standard V1.5, so the temperature of memory card is too high! (759 KB)

And there is a problem with CPU mCode updating.
official ROM has 3 old mCode


open with MMTool V3.26


delete out-of-date mCODE CPUID 0413 10A0 1041 one by one,and download mcode BIN file at github,then insert file one by one as below


the file "cpu00040F13_ver0000007A_2008-05-08_06990B02.bin" is not compatible, so I leave it alone, just update 10A0 and 1041.
check with MCE


There are 2 ID 00100FA0 in the file and corrupted ROM. I tried some times, find out mCODE update 00100F41 with this ROM, 00100FA0 and 00040F13 could not, why?