Biostar X470 GTA - modded to accept primary video card from PCI slot

I bought this motherboard for its classic PCI slots and I was convinced that I can do business as usual… My goal was to use a PCI Voodoo 3 with Win 3.11/95/98 in a multiboot boot configuration. Well, this board is booting with almost any PCI video card, but the PCI-E video card will go as primary. (if present)

The is no option to pick primary video card in the stock BIOS and in Win 9x you also can’t override primary video card reported by BIOS.

I don’t remember exactly all the steps I did (it was march 2020 when I modified this bios) but in this version you can select on-board video and it will boot from PCI slot.

This is the file dumped from my motherboard, it works flawlessly for over a year: