Biostar X570GT8 modded BIOS

Title says it all, I polished the turd up a bit. I’d like to do further work to improve it more but I can’t do that without actually having the board which means some kind of donation fund so this firmware I’m releasing as a donation based thing meaning the archive is passworded.


Based on X57AGB05.BST
Added AMD fTPM configuration options
Added Info Report Configuration options
Added C6 Mode option
Added CPU Information
Added PCI Express options: Link Training Retry, Link Training Timeout (uS), Unpopulated Links
Added Memory Configuration: Memory Clear option
Added MCT Configuration (Bank/Channel interleaving & memory hole options) in ONE menu
Added MOSFET temperature readings to ONE menu
Added VRM temperature threshold option to ONE menu
Added Vivid Led Control to ONE menu
Minor default configuration changes for theoretically smoother operation