Black BIOS Screen on HDMI after enabling GOP in Motherborad BIOS - Fine on VGA though!

I hope this is on-topic here. I have MSI B450M motherboard with latest BIOS flashed. I have a basic MSI GT710 Graphics card (UEFI Ready) with GK280 GPU chip.
The strange part is when I enable GOP in the motherboard BIOS, it switches to GOP but fails to find the GOP driver for GT710 when I am taking the output on HDMI. Upon reboot the BIOS logo and BIOS screen are hence simply black. Display is in theory initialized as there’s backlit. It’s not pitch black as if it’s not turned on. Display comes back after Windows 10 starts to load!

When I take the output from VGA it works just fine. It finds the GOP driver and works well with logo & BIOS screen.
I wonder where the glitch is with respect to HDMI? I asked MSI but there was no much response except a very basic statement to take it to service center.
Can anyone on this forum comment on this issue and could there be a simple fix? I looked into several other BIOS options but could not find anything relevant therein. My motherboard BIOS is latest and there’s no VBIOS available for download from MSI for MSI GT710 ever.
I do not have a spare monitor or any other UEFI ready Graphics card with me right now to test out alternatives. I am going to check with a few local vendors for testing but I doubt if they will understand my issue.

The case is little similar like me.
I have gop problem too when bot to windows he show black screen and the brightness does not working yet.
Dont know how to fix it, and its strange with csm mode enabled my adjust brightness working fine and the bad news is stuck at boot windows.