Blinking frame on the client during ME-vPro-KVM sessions

Hi all,

The ME vPro KVM option is a great thing for helping users in case of any problems, even if the OS is down.

However the blinking yellow-red frame on the client is making most users crazy during the admin help session.
Obviously it is triggered from the ME BIOS and not by the KVM VNC viewer, as it is the same with any VNC viewer and no matter if in port 5900 mode or in Intel ME mode with port 1699x.

I have not found any option to get rid of this blinking frame in the ME BIOS or anywhere el´se in the config tools from the manageability toolkit or SDK, is there any option to accomplish this?

Thank you very much for your experience with this "feature"!


Since, personally, I don’t have an AMT-compatible system I cannot be sure. But truth of the matter is, such an option would probably exist at the MEBx or at the 5MB OS software. Doesn’t make sense for it to be somewhere else. Have you checked those?

I agree, and yes, I’ve checked in the MEBx BIOS config and also in the software tools used to configure the settings from within Windows, but there’s obviously no option to control this behavior.

Hey, did you find the solution for this ? I kept searching with any results

Using ME 8 and ME12 and have never seen an option to disable it. But using unattended mode, and there it seems correct to warn the user that someone is remotely connected to the system. Maybe there’s a difference if user consent is required since in this case the user should be aware of the remote connection?