Boot from Samsung 950 PRO on Asus P9X79PRO Board

Hi, wondering if this is possible using modded BIOS. I followed the instructions from this post:…n-intel-chipset

And was able to update the modded BIOS on the board, but I still don’t see an option to boot from the 950. My 950 is installed using a M.2 to PCIe board and works if I boot Windows from a SATA SSD (eg., I see the 950 as a hard drive in Windows).

Issue is I can’t boot from the 950. Is it possible to boot from the 950 with my configuration? What source bios should I get/extract the 3 NVMe ffs modules from to insert into the stock P9X79PRO BIOS (version 4801)? I have tried bios for both X99 and Z97 boards.

I see in a separate thread that it’s possible to boot from an Intel 750 drive, but I am wondering if it’s possible to boot from a Samsung 950 PRO (on a nvme to pcie board).

Thanks! Hammer

i think you should be able to boot from the PCIe M.2 board without editing mainboard bios .
do you have any bios new screen during boot ?
do you see the drive in the boot tab > hard-drive / usb priority ? if not that could be the rom space being too short .
have you disabled the others sata controllers : asmedia and marvell ?