Bricked Bios Asus Sabertooth Z77

seems detecting it right (Winbond 25Q64BV = 8MB bios chip), CH341A is the way to do then, hope everything went well :smiley:

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The programmer has arrived, Z77 fixed EVERYTHING ELSE BROKEN :sob:

P67 is dead, lot’s of broken pins which were all by a thin hair from the cooler pressure over more than a decade.

Also now my I7 3770K doesn’t work, either it burned from this crap cooler not making direct-die contact, or too much pressure in it (doubt since there’s no cracks in the silicon) or something in this bios simply is missing something to start it up.

I have extracted the body with UEFITOOLS of the 1st bios from Asus for the Z77 V081, started with it + 2600K and updated to latest 2104 using Asus EZ flasher from bios and them I updated Intel ME using Asus Firmware update…

Thought everything was awesome until I put the 3770K and only get CPU red light :slightly_frowning_face:

I have just made a backup of the bios 8MB using FPTWin64, can anyone please check if there’s something in it that would prevent I7 3770K from booting?
Z77dump1.rar (4.2 MB)

ps: Can’t make a backup with the programmer now because I have fully assembled the PC and put the god damn thermal shield back in place :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

No check needed, its the cpu or the socket, period.
Recover the P67 in the same method, if still any chance with the socket pins…and test the 3770k there, else ask a friend on a 1155 board.
Thats wot u get for “smart” moves… and 10€ delay purchase
Never saw a cpu cooler/pressure damage socket pins… user inexperience and careless…yes

EDIT: “Nop it has nothing to do with the programmer…”
I think your translator is not doing is job…
The rest…my friend is a mess and by your past moves…no wonder, all the best and over_n_out.

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Nop it has nothing to do with the programmer and I sadly had to use the P67 or I would have no PC even though I didn’t wanted to touch it anymore because of bad pins…

Also the pressure did damage the pins sadly because I never touched the pins but a lot were pretty bottomed up because I always had the cooler pretty tight and last year when I cleaned it up as soon as I lifted the CPU there was already 1 broken pin that I managed to solder and fixed the 2nd ram slots, now after removing it from the socket there’s many more it’s pointless to even try fixing unless reballing a whole new socket.

Anyway now I’m out of luck because I don’t know anyone around who can test a 3770K or even have such old PC’s, not even the local stores sadly…

Also I’m pretty screwed because my I7 2600K also has 1 burned core which happened like a month and something ago simply because it got tired of 4.9ghz for over a decade, but gratefully it still works by enabling 3 cores only which is why I bought the 3770K even though it was a downgrade since I couldn’t go over 4.5 without a lot of voltage and even 4.5 needed almost 1.4V :rage:

ps: I’m bloody stuck with I7 2600K 3 cores 6 threads at 4.8ghz now :frowning:

so the 3770K is dead now, but both motherboard survives?

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The P67 is too far gone now unless reballing the CPU socket, it had already a broken pin that I soldered like a year ago and worked all this time, but now another one was just broken under the cpu and many are completely bottomed out from my old 2011 cooler which was always tight and that thing even came with a wrench tool :grinning:

Will probably frame it someday since I love the design :sunglasses:

The Z77 at least is fully working but the 3770K is gone :frowning_face:

ps: If anyone know a place to buy cheap used 3770K from Europe please PM me.

Since you started with a stock bios things should be OK. Not wise to start with the oldest, there’s no advantage in that, only disadvantages (as written before normal bios updaters are a little unpredictable which areas to update and which to spare):
Stock 2104 has ME, your dump has
Stock 2104 has in padding a SNB/IVB VBios 2132, your dump has 2124 (but unclear if this is evver used?)

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Thank you for your insight, if I get another 3770k maybe I’d remove the plastic shield again and program the latest bios directly.

Anyway my plan is just to use this for maybe 1 more year until I buy probably something AM5 based and then would be a good office PC 4 my father…