Bricked bios dump

Hell, I have problem. One day I wanted to tun my Asus K55VN on but nothing happened. Last setting what i change was Intel® Anti-Theft Technology to Dissable. After that bios got brick. Only power indicator shows up. I buy Ch341A Pro programer and flashed some bios dump on internet. Before that i make backup of broken bios to archive S/N number. New bios have some problem not detecking drives, post time takes up to 50 seconds and in Windows :C drive looks like i pull it out when running after restart works normaly again. In files there are both of them. Thanks for reply.

Asus K55vn old broken.rar (3.58 MB)

Asus K55vn new works but not great.rar (3.42 MB)

Your broken bios is identical to stock in the static parts, so error might be in settings/NVRAM. You can try to replace the NVRAM with an empty NVRAM from stock ASUS bios.

In addition you could clean the ME according to [Guide] Clean Dumped Intel Engine (CS)ME/(CS)TXE Regions with Data Initialization (and permanently disable Intel Anti Theft in ME).

I try to do that in hex editor but that is a big mess to find something. And Mmtool I dont know what exactly to extract from working bios to my original.

Screenshot (48).png

Wrong tools, use UEFIToolNE for recognizing the structure, ‘extracting as is’ complete NVRAM of stock bios and UEFItool025 for “replacing as is” complete NVRAM of your bricked bios. CHeck structure of repaired bios again with UEFIToolNE (size, start point of EFI volumes, bios region)

Be careful- stock bios is just the bios region without FD and ME region!

Stock bios you mean download like (update) from asus webside if yes I have problem. My laptop no longer exist on asus webside. But I found some dump K55VMAS.211 on driver database I dont know if its good idea to do that with this stock bios. Editing: I think it looks good.

Screenshot (51).png

Done. Laptop is working like new and I happy for help. Thank you

Good work, congratulations

You could clean the ME in addition according to [Guide] Clean Dumped Intel Engine (CS)ME/(CS)TXE Regions with Data Initialization This would include disabling Intel Anti- theft permanently in ME.