Bricked Gigabyte g5 KC 10th gen/3060 flash

I bricked my laptop with changing a setting in bios, went to a repair shop to see if we could try flashing just the original bios to no avail. it did power on and fans spin but no screen but after the bios flash attempt, it just now turns off after 1 second.

when I hit the power button, one green status led turns on for a second then turns off.

I just want the laptop usable again, can someone link me on amazon the flasher I need to buy, and a way to get this laptop working again?

this is my laptop with the i5 and an 3060.

There’s lots of references to CH341 programmers in the forum in addition to the linked guide.

Please do yourself a favour and backup / dump your own bricked bios before writing anything to the firmware SPI!

its already been overflashed so I i dont think its savable

@lfb6 @Sweet_Kitten
good news, [Request] Gigabyte G5 KC Bios Unlock/ Mod - #21 by Sweet_Kitten

this is the thread i know I used.

here is where I think I did the bios dump on the SSD. Guessing the mod.bin is the modified firmware. with the other being my original firmware?

I bought this one,

is this all I need? or do I need a 1.8v board like this as well?

Would I download outsyde’s flashrom devel for windows at the end of this thread?

Just making sure, and @Sweet_Kitten I could also use some help with what settings to enable, I can tell you what I am trying to achieve with the bios mod.

I bricked the first attempt due to accidentally setting the wrong one andjust got fan spin/no display but would stay booted.

After trying to reflash (with what I think bad software) at the repair shop, i am thinking flashing the modded bios with my settings should just work.

would either program work just fine with what my laptop has? did I buy the right flasher?

If this is from your own trials you might indeed have a backup of the bios region- not the complete firmware. You have to combine it with either FD and ME region from your own firmware or the corresponding regions of a Gigabyte stock bios (they provide complete firmware images for these machines).

Im not understanding this. can you explain the process a bit better on how to recover from here?

as well what type of chip do I select in the ch341a GUI flasher, or will it auto detect it.

There are lots of threads like this, so for learning the basics you have to do some reading about UEFI firmware structure and use of a CH341 programmer.

To get used to the programming tool it’s anyway recommended to read/dump your own chip in a reproducable way (2 separate dumps with recognizable structure in UEFIToolNE and a 100% identical). Post/attach this dump.

I just need to know what to flash with my new flasher arriving today. Ive read about four threads to no avail.

I wrote the next steps already?

Im not quite sure the point as Im sure its a corrupted flash. but here is two bin taken, it couldnt decide out of the two gigadevice chips, so I did one of each. (9.5 MB)

I did it with flashrom as I couldnt get the other program to run on windows 10 with the driver.

Here are the two from the SSD but they are 12MB not 16MB it seems (9.6 MB)

not sure how to more forward here.

so here what i did to fix my issue, I download the f08 bios from gigabyte flashed that losing all “serial” info.

that fixed it, I put pack in the SSD, patched the current bios backups I made in the post prior using the BDtools, and then repatched with my old bios before the brick, and Now I have all my info and bios working again.

So all I need is just A manual for all these custom settings and how to tune This laptop.

Good work :+1:

But take a look at the structure:
Your backup bios region - stock firmware - your dump of the chip(s)

In your dump you have 4 MB empty padding (the pic on the right) at the end, so it seems bios region was taken as complete firmware thus FD and ME region got overwritten when flashing? That definitely would mean a brick!

This could mean that the mod could work when flashed properly?

How did you flash your modded bios? Seems to me like if this was done by fptw (with wrong syntax) or a programmer?