Bricked monitor after failed firmware flash via linux flashrom


I followed this guide to try to update my monitors firmware and bricked it in the process. The monitor is an Benq Xl2411z and followed the guide using Ubuntu 18.04 and a prepatched version of Flashrom. Was able to dump the firmware no problem but trying flash resulted in write failure and bricked the monitor. Worse comes to worse I guess it would be possible to use a Ch341a soic cable usb tool?


Appreciate any help anyone can offer…

Did you dump it before you flashed? If not, then you may be out of luck to fix it, even with CH341A and cable, but yes that would be how you’ll probably have to try and fix it.

Asking for recovery help in that thread or forum will probably get you best advices

Just use vega cable to reflash in laptop happend to me also you cant brick monitor just use laptop until monitor gets light up again. Sometimes are dumps broken original firmware works perfect. Just use vga output or DVI-D JUST VGA is foolproof.

Since my laptop was an ultrabook I couldnt use it due to lack of ports, but after playing around with 4 different machines got it going and brought back the monitor from the dead. Turns out Flashrom likes Nvidia. Hates Intel igpu. Used a Dvi-vga adapter on a 730gt inside my Z87X system. Works now. Thanks.

Great you were able to save the monitor @davidm71