Broken ASM USB 3.0 Controller after flashing wrong Firmware

Hello! i did some stupid mistake - i flashed my msi z97 mpower max ac with this firmware -Asmedia ASM-107x USB 3.0 Firmware Version 140415030000 (latets version on station-drivers) but after that i have problem - my rear usb port work wrong, and when i’m trying flash previos work version Asmedia ASM-107x USB 3.0 Firmware Version 130319033715, then i get error - can’t find asm107x hub controller in current platform. What i must to do?

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Since I am not an expert regarding your special problem, I cannot help you myself, but I hope, that you will get support by somebody else.
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Hello similar things happened to me. Two things helped I do not know which exactly so you can try one after another separately. After flash remove all the USB devices in device manager and switch the PC off. And then I used the flasher for new firmware and before starting flashing I put in the temp folder where it unpacked the bin file the file from older version that is available on station drivers ASMedia_U3_FW_update and also unpacks bin file to temp folder when updating. After this procedure the hub started working again but to be honest I do not know which version is flashed in now. I will monitor the behavior, as it is unpredictable now how the USB controller will behave. These issues happened before under different conditions, unfortunately…-detecting.html .

To make it more complicated, twice the ports disappeared and I had to switch off the pc again to "revive" them. So I cannot say how this will behave in the future, maybe I will have to replace the mainboard.

Anyone progress on how to recover the ASM107x port ?

I spend many days and hours now, trying to solve.
From the web I found different versions of the 107FWUpgradeTool: 1350, 2105, 2306 and 2312. I tried them all, each with different combination of "filter driver": 1042, 1060 and 1070.
Trying all combinations I did not succeed to flash any of following Firmwares: 140415030000, 130319033715 and 13031903030E.

During the update process he showed me firmware of my 1074 hub: 121030000000

In any case update failed with either of one of these errors: "Failed!!", "Cant find hub", "Timeout", or just no error message and update progress ends without success.
Strangely when he starts, he recognizes the hub correctly (as mentioned above reading its firmware).