Broken BIOS of Mouse Computer

Ok thanks, ive ordered the CH341a via Aliexpress, should be at my home in 4-5 days. Its surprisingly cheap, and i hope it’s working correctly …

You still have to find the correct chip(s)!

Wait what ? It isnt the BIOS chip ? What does it ressemble ? And where could it be located else ?

You have a laptop motherboard not really easy to find related info or naked pcb pics of it…
A modern bios with 2Mb??? Also the SPi seems too thin and you’ll have to strip the machine/motherboard a bit more or also full disassembly to look sir similar ICs.
You think that IT Techs have peaceful easy tasks… i have a full-weight hammer under my desk for “when the” time comes… :crazy_face:
Twitch hammer GIF on GIFER - by Thorgalore

Sorry for stepping in.

EDIT: Modern used Flash ICs on computer systems are usually SOIC/SOP8-16 or (W)SON8, the one you capture is a SOIC/SOP8 (pin/solder legs visible), the (W)SON8 are almost out of touch points as its solder points/pads is underneath the IC.
The most recognized detail is the small ball/point on the IC surface pointing PIN1

Im sorry, i will take the photo tomorrow, also, im sorry but since im not a native english, i didnt understood the last part but i imagine it’s joke or something. Sorry to not be really receptive, im not really good at english … What i was asking was if there is any universal way to recognize a BIOS, a sign or something written on the board to make it distinguishable ?

Edit : I didnt know you were limited in posts, so from now on i think i will edit haha. Thanks a lot for your help, i will try to search it tomorrow, i hope it isnt underneath some other components. But if the soldering arms are underneath, isn’t it difficult for the flashing tool to acess it ??

Re-Edit: So that means that i have no other choice to get it repaired at a shop beacuse i dont have any soldering equipment …

Yes if its a (W)SON8 it needs to be de-soldered from the motherboard.
Theres some Chinese clip, type “needle” but not too cheap to buy it.

Hi, i’mback because ive searched for other BIOSlike chip, but i didn’t find any on my board … Here is the photos of the entire board :

I don’t see any other chip that ressembles the description you have made to me …

This laptop motherboard seems to be Tong Fang system design, heres a MECHREVO Z2 with similar design and its SPi IC also near PCH…
Read the IC with the programmer and will see contents, if not this one you’ll have to strip down the thermal system and look for further ICs or even on the opposite side of the motherboard, until then nothing more you can do.

Thanks, i will post here when i will receive the programmer, but i think it is the correct chip since there is a blue painting on it. Thank you for your time and maybe see you in a few days ?

Edit : Ok, i will ask him , if he can, thanks for your advices !

You’re not going to need me, you’ll need lbf6…if he can, to fix/stich your dump/oem bios image… its his magical and far more experienced on this, than me.

Can’t read the inscription on the mentioned chip. Maybe try to clean the marking with some alcohol. If it’s eally 25q16jw it can’t be the firmware chip, then you have to dismount the mainboard and check under cooling and second side of board.

Attach what you dumped, don’t flash anything and don’t ignore any size warnings.