Broken BIOS of Mouse Computer

So basically, i was trying to flash a modded version of my BIOS, and after a reboot, it is going on full blackout. I have saved of course a bin version of my original BIOS, but i have not been sucessfull to re-flash it. Like i tried rufus and everything but i can’t do it. Ive seen countless tutorial about how to do it, but each time, nothing appears on the screen. And since its a laptop, i can’t really disassemble it … Thanks for your future help ! (Forgot to mention, but i also have a version of my seller that is flashable).

In short: Laptop bricked by flashing something.

If this wasn’t just written to share your understandable frustration, do you think you gave oss all relevant information to give a constrructive somment?

What information do you need ?

We need the “Washing machine” model and her Energy Class. We should get there…

Well, I don’t need any information, my gear is working.

What about mentioning the type of laptop we’re talking about, a source (link?) for the modded bios, posting/ attaching the backup and the modded file, a link to the procedures you tried to recover just to mention some.

People do have a certain amount of curiousity and/or helpfulness when reading in a forum- don’t consume it by letting them asking for relevant information. Good luck!

Haha ok, i mean its an unknown brand so good luck !
So the model is GM5TGEY from Mouse Computer, and here is the dump before everything was going wrong : biosreg

I uploaded the original file but i didnt keep the modded one, well i say modded but i just wanted to see if AMIBCP worked for my BIOS and flashed a slightly modified version of it.

And i tried multiple things, like putting my bios on rufus to see if it can be flashed, and also i was trying with FreeDOS, but it didnt work at all…

The file you attached is just a bios region, you’re missing other regions for a complete firmware (at least FD, ME).

you find a support page with a proper product specific recovery procedure
you need a CH341 programmer, dump / recover contents of the firmware chips, replace bios region with the backup you fortunately made and kept and flash alltogether back again…

Don’t overwrite the firmware before having dumped the missing parts of the firmware!

Wasn’t able to find a domnload link or other language than japanese:

Thanks for your answers, i have a bios file that the manufacturer have give to me, i put it here, maybe it will help, since its made for the computer specifically … GM5TGEY_Bios_N105MCJ04

Btw, i have read that on some motherboards i could take out CMOS and maybe it has a safety BIOS to reset everything… Is it correct or not ??

Few settings are still stored in CMOS, most settings are stored in NVRAM- Removing the batteries will clear CMOS, but most often not NVRAM, but some (very few) manufacturers have a routine for resetting NVRAM in case of non- booting device.
Nothing of this would help you since you possibly changed bios code. A bios recovery procedure could help if implemented.

Manufactureres bios: Be careful, that’s still only a bios region, you’re missing relevant parts as mentioned. This is not a complatet firmware!

Thanks for your time ! So i have no other choice to do it with hardware ? Because my manufacturer don’t give other things than that concerning BIOS …

Even if your manufacturer would give you a complete firmware you’d have no way to get it flashed since there’s possibly no recovery procedure.

(A complete firmware would maybe make it a little less stressing to properly recover the needed parts firmware of your firmware.)

Thanks again, could you explain to me how to use the CH341 chip ? Ive looked at it, and i found that you need to connect it to another computer, with USB. Would you be kind enough to point to me a reliable product an the way of using it ??

You found the corresponding thread already, there’s a lot information here in the forum.

Regarding firmware structure and putting together the several bios regions / exchanging bios region with backup: You need UEFITool 0.25 or 0.28 which can ‘exchange as is’ firmware regions and UEFIToolNE for looking into the structure.
There’s a lot of complete firmware images atached here, so you’ll find examples how things might look (there might be differences like for example a GbE region for machines with Intel NIC or an EC region and of course bios regions ,ight look a little different deopending on Vendor…)

Thanks, ive seen that the CH341a chip have a 3,3 v and 1,8v edition. I will disassemble the PC to look formore information. Thanks for your help, i might come back once i will get the tool and flash the entire BIOS ! Thanks !

You’re welcome.

I’d definitely recommend to attach / post the dump and the repaired firmware here before flashing!

Hi, im back bc ive dismounted my laptop, and here is the photo, is it the red thing i identified the chip to flash ?

If it is, the model is Winbond 25q16jwniq 2117. If my search are correct, it is a 1,8v. Is that little chip the correct module, and can i flash it using the CH341a tool ?

Can’t read the inscription on the chip, but at least it’s an SPI chip. But if it’s correct what you read it’s a 16 Mbit chip (2Mbyte)