Broken Download Links and big Help from our Partner Site

@Unantastbar :

Dear Forum members,

as you probably have realized, all my MEGA download links didn’t work from the 22th to the 24th February 2019. The reason was, that MEGA had suspended my MEGA account without any previous warning.
Since MEGA didn’t give me precise information about the exact reason and the expected duration of the account suspension, I decided to look instantly for an alternative hoster and to store there all my public files (additionally to my OneDrive account, which I always used as a storage mirror).

It was our Forum member Unantastbar, who helped me a lot. As the owner of our partner site he offered to use some space of its FTP Server for the storage of my publicly offered files.
So I was able to start very quickly with the upload of nearly 1.000 files and to customize the related links. 24 hours later everything is done and all links should work again.

That is why I want to use the opportunity to say a big “Thank-You!” to Unantastbar on behalf of the Win-RAID Forum team and its users. We all are very grateful.

Kind regards
Dieter (alias Fernando)

Thanks @Unantastbar - glad you could help Fernando get this sorted out quickly for us!