[Broken ME Firmware] HP Z200 Workstation KK666ET#ABD

Hello folks,

I broke the ME firmware and unfortunately I can not fix it.
and have the automatic shutdown after 30min

current Bios Firmware 01.22 Rev.A (sp75207)

ME firmware according to Bios
although update to Rev. A (sp50543) was done successfully.
a warning came that the file is too small.

I have tried all modified ME files from this forum.
but with these always came the warning file too large and can not be written completely.

MEInfo also does not work and gives error message error 9255: Fail to read FW Status Register value 0xFFFFFFFF

the crieses jumper I have already found.

attached is a backup image of the current state

i hope anyone can help me

ty and best regards

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BACKUPP.zip (2.79 MB)