Building Toothpaste Factory (Intel) UHD Graphics Driver New Mod For Windows 7!

The old mod of Toothpaste Factory (Intel) iGPU driver cannot be installed on the CPU newer than Q0 Comet Lake, it’s time to create a new mod based on version 26.20.100.xxxx or later DCH drivers! The famous driver software ISV SysCEO in China is developing a UHD 770 Win 7 driver (the driver is in testing: ! And I want to create the mods with win-raid users! The only morden device I have is laptop Lenovo ThinkPad E14 20RAA01WCD with an i7-10510U CPU (Q0 Comet Lake), and Windows 7 on it has some problem. I can’t have testing right now because my 1TB HDD in the laptop is broken and the COVID in my city is quite heavy, and my modded .inf is on the broken HDD, so can anyone give me some advice? I will get an ERROR code 39 when i have all inf modded.

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the Chinese in the SysCEO video:
驱动总裁:DrvCEO (the famous driver install software made by SysCEO)
12代:12th Gen
You should understand the Chinese in the video, because it says “此版本还没对外开放下载”, means this version isn’t out of beta.

I have Lenovo Ideapad with Intel 11th Gen Tiger Lake with Intel Iris Xe (Device ID 9A49 or similar) and no Q0 stepping. Any chance of a 7/8.0/8.1 graphics mod for it?

I haven’t any mods yet. The all old mods on my ThinkPad E14 laptop let I enable Aero, but I cannot control the screen brightness, and after sleep the backlight of the ThinkPad LCD won’t work. I have bought a 1TB SATA3 SSD and replace the broken HDD, and installed Windows 7 Ultimate operating system on all three partition of the SATA SSD. I cannot program with C++ at all, so I should open the old mod and delete the brightness control function, then it will works better on TP E14. Now I have to enter Group Policy Editor and disable S3 Sleep.

Now SysCEO’s mod for Alder Lake and Tiger Lake still isn’t released, so we should work for it by ourself. Maybe get help from Cannokong is a good idea.

There are some shops on JingDong (JD) sells special ThinkPad E14 with genuine OEM Windows 7. I asked their support, they said the Lenovo company disables S3 sleep for the consumers. I don’t think that is a good idea, moddifying drivers is better than just disable Sleep.

Yeah, we should. I’ll summon him here. I tried myself, but I failed unfortunately. @canonkong @speter2 @DeathBringer Tagging anyone who may be able to help here.

Now Win7 ESU and Win8.1 are EOL. I did a lot of mods of INF, but these drivers always cause Error 39 or 43.

I am still using latest version of Win7 and waiting for Win12.