Bypass Lenovo Insyde secure BIOS flash

Hello, I wonder if it’s somehow possible to bypass InsydeH2O’s BIOS.fd signature to flash with an edited BIOS.fd. I already made my own random QA.pfx and signed the BIOS.fd with it and I was actually able to bypass the first warning “It only supports to flash secure BIOS on current platform”, but when my Laptop restarted it said “Verify failed”. I do not have a flash programmer so this won’t be an option. RU.efi doesn’t work either. I would like to change the current BIOS version and replace it with something custom. Is there maybe any other tool how to flash or a way to spoof the signature? I’m gonna upload a BIOS dump and the original and edited .fd file as well as the original .fd’s certificate, maybe it helps. Thank you in advance
BIOS (6.9 MB)
Edited (6.6 MB)
Original (6.7 MB)
Original certificate (public).zip (1000 Bytes)

I am curious too. I already have a programmer and successfully modded my BIOS, but directly flashing the BIOS would be easier.