Can a Phoenix BIOS file (pwh) be flashed directly with CH341A? (oversized BIOS File)


I bricked my old ACER Aspire 5920 with a Macronix SPI MX25L8005 BIOS Chip and Phoenix BIOS. The original BIOS file can be downloaded from here:

Acer 5920 BIOS File

The problen is that the BIOS file is 1,05 MB (1.105.920 bytes) , not “1.048.576 bytes” as it should be. I am stuck on Windows 10 x64, and I have tried Programmer (in all versions) and AS Programmer.

Programmer is not able to read the chip (??), and AS Programer detect the oversized file and refuses to flash it… Some help?

Thanks in advance

Please dump the current chip content and upload for me, I will make you new file to program in.

Thanks @Lost_N_BIOS , the problem is that, if I dump the chip with AS Programer, all I get is FF, FF, FF… And Programer does not recognize the chip at all . I posted this problem in this thread:

[HELP] My CH341A can not detect or even read my MXCI 25L8005M2C-15G BIOS chip

OK, I will reply there since you made another thread