Can I add vt-d to my Dell 9020 BIOS?

Hi @Lost_N_BIOS ,I’m tryiing to create an unraid box with existing hardware I have.
I would like to use my dell optiplex 9020 but it does not support VT-d. The processor (E3-1241 v3) does but not the bios. I was concerned about the chipset (Q87) bit. I need VT-d for pci-e pass through.

Thank you.


@idx - Hey, I checked BIOS Dump for 9020 I have and see it has VT for Directed I/O enabled by default, if you load optimal defaults first.
I also see same noted at Dell BIOS Info page here for 9202 -…395c&lang=en-us

Thank you , so much.

@idx - You’re welcome. You see it in Virtualization section, correct? If not, it may be hidden, but would still be enabled as set in the BIOS.
We can make the setting visible if you wanted and you can’t see it now, if you can flash mod BIOS on this system which I think you have service jumper to do so, or FPT will work possibly, because I’ve helped others fix these, but maybe they had programmers, I’m not sure

@Lost_N_BIOS I wanted to use PCIe passthrough in Proxmox on my Optiplex 9020 SFF, but the option to turn on VT-d is missing (only Intel Virtualization is visible as an option, and is enabled). I’m having IOMMU errors, and I cannot start my VMs that have PCIe devices added.

You mentioned that VT for Directed I/O should be enabled “if you load optimal defaults first” - what are those optimal defaults? How can I load them? @idx did you manage to get pci-e passthrough working on your build?

Is it possible to expose the option for VT-d in BIOS? I upgraded to latest BIOS (A25) and the option still isn’t available there. I would appreciate any help here, thank you very much!