Can I get an x5650 with a UD4P board working correctly?

Good evening. So the Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD4P (1.0 revision) + x5650 is actually working for me while using the most recent BIOS (F14p), but I’m having a restart issue, where after either restarting from Windows or by a reset switch, the PC wouldn’t POST anymore unless I force shutdown and turn it on as usual. I also have discovered that the problem is caused by the CPU being unsupported (i7-950 everything works like a charm). I tried to implement its microcode to the BIOS image and using other modded BIOSes with updated microcodes, but that didn’t solve the issue. The reason why I’m using it is because of its hexa-core architecture, 32nm node and a really low price (I really can’t afford an 100$ i7-980(x) or 990(x) as of now) Anything I can do about it?
Also, if I’m going to use an NVMe on that board (PCIe 2.0 remember), can I buy an 8-lane card and somehow force the drive to utilize all of these lanes? Because I’d love to see this drive operate at its full read/write potential (3500/3200), and 4 lanes is going to cap the aforementioned potential at only 2GBps.


I apologize if the topic is in the wrong section, in advance.