can i mod my BIOS to get RAID

hey there… as you might already know that i’m new here… soo i was wondering if i could mod my BIOS to get the RAID SATA controller… i did a mod of my bios to unlock a few features but could not get the RAID option… the only SATA controller options i have are IDE and AHCI

what i need RAID for: to enable rapid storage… but if i could use rapid storage any other way i’d use that…

BIOS Version: InsydeH20 rev3.5
machine: Acer Aspire S3-951-6464

Um67 does not support raid, but a IRST driver can be used,

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As iceman has already mentioned:
1. You cannot create an absent Intel RAID Controller by modding the BIOS.
2. It is no problem to install the Intel RST AHCI driver and software onto your system, if you have set the Intel SATA Controller to "AHCI" mode. Just run the installer of an appropriate complete RST Drivers & Sodftware Set.


sorry for the delayed reply… but i did try to set up rapid storage in AHCI mode but i don’t get the accelerate tab… all i get is the performance tab and under that there is no smart response which is needed for disk caching… all i see is Link Power Management… that’s it, nothing more…

If you want to use the Intel Smart Response Technology, you need a separate SSD and have to set the Intel SATA Controller to “RAID” mode.
Since your system doesn’t support RAID, you cannot use the Intel Smart Response Technology.


You wrote about Intel’s Rapid Storage Technology (IRST), but you obviously meant Intel’s Smart Response Technology.

is there any other way to enable disk caching on my super small 20GB SSD other than using fancycache and expresscache (takes up 60% of my ram and flushes the ssd after a few days)…

Since the Intel Smart Response Technology is not possible with your system (due to missing RAID support), I don’t know any.
My advice: Replace the 20GB sized SSD by a 120GB one and do a fresh OS installation on it in AHCI mode. This way you will get a better performant system than with the Intel Smart Response Technology.

i’m sorry if i’m bugging you too much… but it’s soldered to the motherboard… :frowning:

Ok, but you can replace the HDD by an SSD, which should been bigger sized than 120 GB in this case.