Can i MOD my VGA card BIOS???

Hi forum!!

Short story:

I need to convert my desktop card to a server card, which are based at the same GPU core (Tahiti PRO), from an ASUS HD7950 Direct CU II TOP to a AMD FirePRO S9010, both of them with the same VRAM size, TMUs, ROPs…
I’ve found that the only difference between these cards, is the memory chips used on both, the HD7950 uses the Hynix H5GQ2H24AFR and the AMD FirePRO s9010 uses the Hynix H5GQ2H24MFR.
If I program the vBIOS of my desktop card with the vBIOS for the S9010, the PC boots but without image, I suppose that is beacause of the memory chip.

Is there any way to edit the FirePRO s9010 vBIOS to be used at my desktop card HD 7950?, OR is there a way to modify the vBIOS of my desktop card HD 7950 to make the system thinks that is a s9010?

Thanks in advance, kind regards.