Can I modify my motherboard z390 for Kabylake?

Hello, I’m coming to you because I’m having a problem with my 9900k and in the meantime I want to be able to put my old 7700k instead.

I have an Aorus Master z390 (Gigabyte) and I would like to know if I could modify the bios to operate my 7700k without damaging it on my motherboard.

I give a copy of my bios just in case.

Thanks in advance =)

Z390AORM.part1.rar (4 MB)

Z390AORM.part2.rar (2.56 MB)

@Fanplayer1 - No, Z390 you cannot use Sky/Kaby - see here - Modification of the bios motherboard Z390 GIGABYTE SLI pour un 6700K (ONLY 300-series chipsets that will take a Skylake/Kaby Lake CPU are Z370, H310C, or B365)