Can someone help me understand my MEI version?

Hello everyone,
I have an intel i7 8700k, on asus maximus x code, z370 board. I also end up getting the latest drivers from the ASUS ROG forum and its worked great. I was just curious comparing the current version I sourced there, versus what I would interpret to be the same version file here.…-X299-Z370-Z390)

When I view inside that archive, versus the one available on winraid, I see the one here has “oem extension” cat and inf files and unless Im mistaken, the one ive been using does not have those contained. Am I missing something by not using these?
The winraid version…

And another question: I have neglected my backup system for a few months, and was checking to see what the most current MEI fw/drivers would be. I am not sure what versions are currently installed, if that makes a difference to the reccomendation. It is an asus P8Z68 motherboard, with a sandy bridge i7 2600k. Thanks for any help


Ignore the OEMExtension inf, you only need the HECI one.

Z68 is 6-series so either ME 7 or ME 8 depending on what you have now, veryfiable via MEInfo etc as explained at the (CS)ME thread.

Ok thanks, I used the tool for my current rig so Ill give it a go again. Would it matter if I installed a driver only if I had driver plus the software installed? Truth be told I have no clue whats in there I have to poke around some.

MEI-Only or INF is enough for FWUpdate tool use.