Can You Open The Old Windows XP Update Website Under Windows 10?

is there a way to open the old windows update website (the windows xp one) on windows 10?
when i open the site:…ault.aspx?ln=en
into internet explorer 11 or google chrome it redirect you to this website:…dows-update-faq
i just want to see what will happen if this site is loaded under windows 10.

I get server not found, when it redirects, from Firefox in win10, to this page

i dont know, i get a page with windows update help (maybe because i live in italy) i can send a screen shot if you want, try to go to the (the classic win xp update website) when i go to that website with windows 7 in internet explorer it say open windows update from start menu, from win 10 it redirect me to this page:…dows-update-faq