Can you restore the thread "XP/W2k3 x86 on Modern Hardware"

Can you restore the thread “XP/W2k3 x86 on Modern Hardware”. Thank you.

There was so much work and content.
(ACPI and drivers ports from recent windows,
timer fix,
SSDs work-arounds,
XP 64 bits testing…)

This thread was the best on the internet about making Windows XP work on recent hardware.

8k posts, 527k views.…-XP-Server.html

The size of the thread is not a problem for anyone (not for xobor, not for the users),
and it’s something needed (a kind of chat is needed somewhere).


I spent a lot of hours reading the thread and i never saw any moderation asked, informed or done.

If Windows XP requires a signature for a dll
then it’s needed to sign it, i don’t see any problem with that.

All fixes are correctly marked with their author here
or in the integral edition (…ntegral-edition).


For a new Hetzner vps and the forum database migration i can do it
(ask xobor the db then migrate to phpBB or vBulletin or another forum software),
i’m sure other people can also do it.

If the problem you have is paying 6 euros each month for this forum
(that is 100% managed by xobor : hetzner vps, php forum, database)
then people can help or pay instead of you.

As the forum is 100% managed by xobor you just have to pay each month + for the domain each year for example, that’s it,
Fernando and other moderators do the moderation well.

To me it’s obvious that you should fight to keep this forum.

But you just deleted the best thread on the internet about making Win XP run on recent hardware, with 527k views,
and want to close the whole forum, just like that.

i sent an email to and they quickly answered that yes it’s possible to get the forum database,
again no offense but you guys are not trying, and no need to delete the xp thread or ban diderius or delete our messages, honestly not professional, here we are all 30+ years old and english is not our language (and not mine).
the best way is you guys buy a linux vps at hetzner at Falkenstein (like xobor does), freeze this forum, pay 50 euros and do the import of the db yourself.
You can also ask them about an old backup that has the xp thread.
Renew the domain name next summer, and maybe in one year find new admins.

The email i sent to :

Their answer :

@Bumpy …I agree and I have expressed my views to @Fernando. I don’t know @plutomaniac , but I did send him an email and he did not reply.

I expressed to @Fernado that I understand his position and that I don’t blame him for his concerns re legalities. However, I thought it was extreme to remove the entire thread given that the forum is closing soon. As it stands, Win-Raid is punishing all people who participated and that comes across as meanness.

I don’t think diderius did anything illegal. XP is dead in the eyes of Microsoft and they have taken steps to prevent people from using the OS. That is illegal. We were forced to modify XP and I would like to see that challenged in court. A similar case in the past resulted in the court ruling against Microsoft.

Since @plutomaniac did not respond to my PM, it seems he is responsible for this action. I have never perceived @Fernando as being so mean spirited as to deprive people who have been loyal to Dieter and his site from continue to communicate and to wrap up forum business before the site closes.

I wish @Fernando the best but I think he should consider re-instating the forum so we can communicate as a community and to copy pertinent information.