Cannot boot after ME update

Wait a second,I’m using ASUS H97M-Plus
When i updated my ME firmware to
I can’t bootup my PC,it will poweron but will shutdown doing repeated step,…

It works just fine. How did you update exactly?

I just using thE 9.1 fwupdlcl64.exe with command fwupdlcl64.exe -F xx.bin -Verbose
the flash was successful but after I shutdown my pc and try to bootupagain,it didn’t boot,it will poweron in 1 second and poweroff at the same time…
current I stuck in
Not the

My Original bios come with 1.5mB ME FW with 9.1.25
I forgot mention,one error message also appear when flash said PDR Region not found something like that…

H97M-PLUS-ASUS-3602.rar (4.84 MB)

Maybe something went wrong during the updating as there is no reason for such a thing to occur. We can’t know unless the SPI/BIOS chip contents are checked. The SPI/BIOS chip is socketed/removable on your motherboard so you can get a cheap CH341A programmer and re-flash it. Unless you already have a programmer so we can proceed.

I use my old ASUS P5G41T-M LX be my programmer,flashback the original rom files,and update back the FW to 9.1.37

Could you help me check my bios files and compare with the 9.1.40 AND 9.1.37
I don’t know why the 9.1.37 has no issues at all,but 9.1.40 would not work…

Re-flash the stock SPI/BIOS image from ASUS (after you remove the AMI Capsule via UEFITool NE) via the programmer. Once it boots, try to update again via FWUpdate tool. If the same issue occurs, it may be some ASUS ME firmware version enforcement stupidity.

Original ASUS bios contains, aaa839 writes that he could update to, so generally updates were possible…

Did you make a backup of the spi/ bios upgraded to 9.1.40? Could you post it?

EZ Flash 2 Feature Convenient BIOS Update EZ Flash 2 is a convenient way to update the motherboard BIOS. It is enough to start the operating system before starting it from a USB flash drive and selecting the necessary commands — you will not need additional floppy disks or special programs launched from under the OS. Your board can do it…
Here are two files with already modified data.
1. Your first BIOS with updated microcodes and everything else and having version ME
2.Your second BIOS with updated microcodes and everything else and having version ME
Flash with EZ Flash 2. Flash the first - check the performance. Then the second - check the performance. If everything is bad with the second one, return the first firmware in the same way.
No programmer needed. Write how you will do everything. Good luck.

H97M-PLUS-ASUS-3602_9.1.37.1002_1.5MB_PRD_RGN.rar (4.95 MB)

H97M-PLUS-ASUS-3602_9.1.40.1000_1.5MB_PRD_EXTR.rar (4.95 MB)

That great.thank you so much
I would try to flash it through EZFlash2, but should I really need microcode update or not?
I have ask ASUS they said my CPU and Chipset don’t need microcode update,nor microsoft mention in their update catalog…
futuremore i have been read after microcode update,the performance was bad on Boardwell/Haswell or older CPU(older than Intel 6th generation Core CPU).
I would try to do and test the performance.

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@aaa839 - OK, no worries, thanks

Ok Bad news here.
I have try using EZFlash2 to flash both capsul files,but it said the files is not vaildated BIOS Files
So How can I flash it???
I have try EZFlash 3 in Asus AISuiteIII It said the Bios files model is different than current Bios ROM…

two news,both good and one bad
Good News:I have solve the can’t bootup issues,it was the Line of PSU have some issues,cause no electricity to the motherboard(it might be I twist the line too much…)
Bad News:None of the Capsul was work to be flashed