Can't mod MSI Z97 Pc Mate with AMIBCP

Well short explanation, i’ve bought an Intel Xeon E3-1231 v3 and a MSI Z97 PC Mate motherboard some years ago. Why Z97? I have a pair of G.Skills RAM, which runs at 2666Mhz. So i wanted to mod the bios to unlock the AllCore Turbo feature or how it is called on the MSI Motherboard MultiCore Enhancement. I’ve restored the default settings in the BIOS and extracted it via AFUWIN64. But when i try to open the .rom in AMIBCP 4.53 it will give me an error: Number of setup controls is out of limit.

@Lightz7 :
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There are not many BIOS experts, which will be able to help you.
Maybe you should personally address your request to @CodeRush , who is our AFU Guru (look >here<).

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Dieter (alias Fernando)

Try a different version of AMIBCP? Also use FPTW64 -D dump.bin to get a fresh copy off your rom or even better just download latest bios from manufacturer. I have heard of there being issues with Z97 boards and AMIBCP not playing nice in another forum. The guy couldn’t open the bios file without AMIBCP stalling out. Must be a version compatibility issue.

Well i couldn’t use AMIBCP 5 obviously since my BIOS is Aptio 4 and i haven’t got my hands on AMIBCP 4.55 yet. And the original BIOS from the Manufacturer is not an .rom, since MSI uses M-Flash.