can't see a PCI rom Menu

Hello, i have a update for my Asus Motherboard P8Z68 Deluxe 11.6.1736 modified but i can’t see the Menue from Intel Controler.
When i start the Computer and hit the ctrl+I Button then see the Menue.
Reboot and i can not see the Intel Menu.

sry for my english i’am German


@ BlackByte:
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What did you expect to see?
You obviously are running your Intel SATA Controller in RAID mode and have installed the Operating System in “LEGACY” mode.
If I am right, you have to hit CTRL+I while booting to get access to the Intel RAID Utility. It will not appear automatically at each reboot.
By the way: An Intel RAID ROM v"11.6.1736 modified" doesn’t exist. Which Intel RAID ROM version did you insert?


Oh, sorry, my RST version is
i see nothing on boot, the Intel SATA controller is in Raid0 Mode, all funktionaly !
The Screen is black, after the screen come the Marvel SATA Controller with the Marvell Rom. I can see this.
Yes when i hit the CTRL+I Button while Booting, get access to the Raid Utility !? (Is this Normal) i can’t see the menu.


Which sort of "menu" do you mean?
If it should be the Intel(R) Rapid Storage Console Software, you have to install the RST(e) Drivers & Software Set, but even in this case the RST Console will not be shown automaticly after having completed the booting.
Which Intel RST RAID driver version is currently running?

Hi Fernando,
my Driver is
Just thought since I’m using the original PCI ROM Intel RST menu have previously always seen at boot, but can also be deceiving.
But otherwise everything works, I thought to activate the menu with any key.
Gruss BlackByte

The key is Ctrl+I (German keyboard: Strg+I).
Why do you want to see the Intel RAID Utility at each boot? It would make more sense to run the Intel RST Console, if you want to know details about your RAID array health and may give you the option to repair the array, if there should be something wrong.


Ok, thanks for your help I now realize that it is normal when booting not see the menu.

Thanks again
Gruss BlackByte