Can't unlock Advanced Options Menu HP Pavilion 15 CS3003NS

I’ve been trying to mod the bios using IDA, IFR Extractor, UEFITool and a bunch of very spreaded info online to enable the Advanced menu, but I’m a complete newbie on Insyde bioses and I don’t know where to start (I had an Asus X550LD previously, AMI Aptio 4, very easy to mod).
Bios shouldn’t be RSA signed (Can’t see a Decrypted message on Andy’s tool)
Bios setup menu is on DriverSampleDxe (SetupUtility)
BIOS Version: F.06 Rev.A 13.3 MB 12 apr. 2020
Any input would be really highly appreciated!

@cakehonolulu - Do you have flash programmer? if not, the main issue here may be getting mod BIOS flashed in. Aside from that, since this is brand new system, it may also utilize HP’s SureStart, which even with programmer once you program in mod BIOS on reboot it’s automatically replaced with stock BIOS version
Also, since it’s new system, probably RSA signed anyway, I think they are now doing this to almost all BIOS and PhoenixTool may not recognize modern implementations. RSA key is dumped with BIOS when you use the export option, so high chance it’s signed
I would not move forward on this at all until you have flash programmer in hand and backup made and confirmed to be OK by someone, then you know you can recover from brick if it bricks due to RSA and there is no SureStart implemented.

I tried to find the unlock, and am not 100% sure but I think I see it (I hate Insyde BIOS), but I suggest you ask for unlock over at forum, that way you don’t have to try my guesses, they are PRO’s at these BIOS and can unlock for you for sure first time

Wouldn’t the factorie’s recovery method work? (It has a separate recovery BIOS chip that can be used to recover main one using a USB)?

That uses same BIOS chip, and writes to chip from USB. Yes, maybe, you can use that method to flash mod BIOS, if it’s not checked with signature file during that recovery process.
And no, sometimes if BIOS is bricked, recovery methods cannot work, if that’s what you mean in regards to using this.

All I mentioned above applies directly to your BIOS/system - ie “Here there be Dragons AND Monsters”
Be prepared, in advance, not after the fact.

That was helpful!

I’d like to know the actual changes needed to do to unlock the bios (If possible, I’d love doing it myself to know what I’m doing and to learn more stuff) and maybe flashing it after that, I have the clip and the programmer (CH-something) laying around (I tried bios modding on my previous lappy and had to get it as well) so that’s no problem. (I’d like trying to flash it first without the soic clip and all that, I don’t really want to dissasemble the laptop, I’m a bit lazy hahah)

damn you HP .