Can't unsubscribe from e-mail notifications


I joined this forum recently, to discuss about modded USB drivers. Since then, I was automatically subscribed to that particular discussion thread.

The unsubscribe link on the e-mail notifications that I receive takes me to a page with two notification options: “new private mail” and “new guestbook entries”. Both are set to “no” (even though when I click on the “save” button, nothing seems to happen).

Then, there’s the “Unsubscribe from feed mailer” link, which just links to this: “javascript:void(0)”, and no action is performed. Because of that, I keep receiving e-mails from the Win-Raid Forum, and can’t properly unsubscribe.

Please take a look at this issue and let me know in a reply when it’s fixed. Thanks in advance.

@EeK - See if this helps. Go to this thread below, and on top right corner click “Topic Settings” dropout menu, and click unsubscribe
USB 3.0/3.1 Drivers (original and modded)

Thanks for the reply. When I click on that, there’s only an option to “Subscribe”, which means that I’m already unsubscribed from that thread. However, I keep receiving e-mail notifications. In fact, I just got one, which reminded me to check this other thread, where I mentioned the issue.

The “Unsubscribe from feed mailer” link needs to be fixed, that’s the only way to stop the e-mail notifications.

@EeK - You’re welcome. So yes, you should then be unsubscribed from that thread now (only the one I linked), if you see “Subscribe” option instead of unsubscribe.
For other topics, you will have to do the same on each topic you get an email for. There should also be a link on the bottom of the email, I assume, I’ve not seen these emails so can’t be sure but I think there usually is an unsubscribe link.

plutomaniac - Can you look into this, thanks! I can’t test anything, I don’t even know what email I used to join, but I don’t think it was an actual email.
I suppose I could change to a real email, but seems like a lot of hassle on my end for something that should be easily solved for and by the end user, unless there is an internal coding issue w/ the software (Which I wouldn’t be surprised by )

This forum does not not automatically subscribe users to threads, not unless you manually set so by the option LOST showed you. Apparently that option is only for subscribing and not unsubscribing so its state does not change. You can view & manage your subscriptions at the User Options.

Thanks again for the replies, everyone, but I’m definitely not subscribed to any threads - and yet, I keep receiving e-mail notifications about them. Today alone, I received three e-mails with updates to the topic “USB 3.0/3.1 Drivers (original and modded)”.

I participate on several forums, and this is the only one where this behavior happens. There’s definitely something broken (and the unsubscribe link pointing to nothing doesn’t help).

Edit: On the link shared by @plutomaniac , both this thread and the other one I mentioned were listed (even though I never subscribed to them - I leave the “Subscribe” check mark empty with every reply).

I have now deleted both of them. We’ll see if the notifications stop, even if I was just receiving updates related to the other one.

Did you go to the link provided above? Subscriptions are controlled there. Show a picture.

Hey, I’d edited my post to include that information even before seeing your message.

Both threads were listed, even though I was only receiving e-mail notifications for the other one and never manually subscribed to any of them.

Either way, I have now deleted them both. I’ll report back if I ever receive any notifications again.

Thanks Plutomaniac!

Hopefully this solves the issue